Mythic Oregorger Undermined

by wheetcracker, 5 days ago

2/10 Mythic in the bag.


You're all gorgeous.



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Mythic Beastlord De-Clawed

by wheetcracker, 5 days ago


Video is obviously a little bit late. Anyone else remember the time we killed Mythic Beastlord?

Boy, those were the times.


Also, this will be up soon:

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Mythic Butcher, and 3/7M Down.

by wheetcracker, 39 days ago

We took a day off to go get some Mythic Highmaul goodness, and this is what happened.

Nice job, all. BRF is for sissies anyway.


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TWINS DOWN! 2/7M in the clear.

by wheetcracker, 105 days ago

GJ nerds. Also, rest in peace Mangle.

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Mythic Kargath Down! The Remnant goes 1/7 mythic.

by wheetcracker, 126 days ago

Excellent job, nerds.

We're off to a great start.

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